Friday, May 31, 2013

Jack's Finest Moment

We went in to give the guys kissing on Sam and Abbey's last night. I think we nearly woke all three boys with our laughter.   I still have no clue what Jack was doing with poor bird. He couldn't tell me the next morning.  Love that little guy!

We formally celebrated Luke's birthday while Sam and Abbey were here. He inhaled his cake!

And some more pictures from the Pullen park train...
And Duke Gardens...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Uncle Sammy and Aunt Abbey Photo Diary

Uncle Sammy and Aunt Abbey came to visit us this past weekend, and it was such a sweet time! We all love being with them, so I am sure they are absolutely exhausted from our crew. I am, and I am used to the activity of our boys!

Here is some of what we did....

Calvin's new bike! Dan, Ben, and Sam's old bike! It is still a bit big, but fine for playing around on with a little supervision for getting on and off.

Cook-out/ Duke Gardens combo....seems to easy for it being so much fun!

Pullen Park...had never been there. What an amazing and cheap park!

Calvin was so excited to go to the carousel that he was showing Abbey his trick on the way.

Jack was thrilled before the ride started and kept getting faster. Really, I have never seen a merry-go-round spin even close to as fast as this ride.

Jack was in tears and clinging to Dan by the end.

And lots of wrestling and fixing Uncle Sammy.

But the best part was being together. None of us wanted them to leave this morning. Calvin had been talking about a surprise for them when they left, and he jumped up from the breakfast table when they said they were ready to take off. He came downstairs with his monkey for them to have. This is HUGE. He loves his monkey. I love seeing his little heart overflow with love so that he wants to share things that are precious to him.  

Swim team

I've struggled to know what to do about this for the last week and a half. We signed Calvin up for swim team this summer. He was beyond excited about it prior to the start....wearing his wet suit and goggles around the neighborhood, talking about it, having me tell him about what it would be like. He has always loved the water and playing at pool, so I thought this would be great for him....

Unfortunately, he has a pretty intense fear of new things and people....he's been paralyzed. I'm sad for him that he can't swim because of the people doing it and new-ness of it. He's fine with the water.

On the first day I thought it was pretty funny. Classic Calvin.

I was hopeful on day 2 when the coaches took interest in him sitting on the sidelines instead of participating. He loved it and was excited to come back again.

But when that did not help him overcome his fear, I started just getting sad. The coaches have kids to help in the water, so he sat by himself the next couple days and was downcast on the way home. I've struggled to know what to say to help and encourage him along this way.
Today he wanted to sit the sidelines again. We decided to try go home and try again next year.  It was just a bit too difficult to watch him be so defeated again and again. Really it is easier schedule-wise for our family without it, but I am sad for Cal.

God, please make yourself real to Calvin in this area. Convince him that there is nothing to fear because you love him and are with him.

On a lighter is some "classic Calvin" that makes me smile!

Abbey and I took the boys to the pool this weekend, and he loved the water...until he got cold and became dramatic. Here he is laying in the middle of the pavement eating an apple trying to get warm. It was not that cold.

Or at least Jack was doing ok...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flying a kite!

Hockey and I took the boys to the office park to fly a kite last night. I wasn't able to get it high enough to stay in the air, but the boys might have liked running around with it better anyway.

Calvin and jack both took turns flying it all alone and loved it! There was something so sweet about their exhilaration while it stayed in the air!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Luke is 1!

Luke turned 1 on Tuesday!  I am so thankful for this little man. He is truly a joy.  So interactive and eager to laugh and smile. Unfortunately, he was sick with a fever on his birthday.  He did not smile or laugh for a couple days while he had it, which is so unlike him! Here was breakfast...not eating either.

And afterward, trying to play....little droopy eyes.

I turned my camera screen around so he could see himself....this cheered him up. I can't blame him, I smile when I see his little face, too!

He slept for most of the day. I'm not sure how he was sleeping this way, but I'm sure he was just so tired that it didn't phase him.

By the afternoon, Luke's fever was gone and he was able to enjoy one of Hockey's gingerbread whoopie pies for his special day. He loved it!

And as a special treat, Dan's dinner was cancelled, so Luke got to see him on his birthday! After a rough day, he smiled immediately when he saw Dan's car pull up to the driveway!