Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eye Surgery....Again

Calvin has already seen a ophthalmologist here in Durham. Here is the latest about Cal's eyes. The ophthalmologist said that he needs to have surgery again...this time to completely remove the lens in his left eye =(. Apparently, there is a spot (where the blood vessel was connected) that is large and in the center of his vision. The retina now looks good after the last surgery, but he said that the brain will not recognize vision in his left eye if we don't remove the lens. The surgery is scheduled for July 2nd (was going to be 20th, but they just changed it to get him in earler), and it is outpatient like last time. The effects will linger this time, though, as he'll have to wear a contact from now on (unless we choose to have a new lens inserted surgically when he is much older). I guess we can leave them in for a week at a time, so that is nice, but I am still wondering how we'll get him to hold still enough to insert and remove contacts. I guess we'll figure it out.

The good news about this is that Dr. Capone, who did the last surgery, chose not to remove the lens even though there was a spot because he thought that the retina was the limiting factor. I think the retina has recovered better than he expected so that now the lens is the limiting factor. Maybe he'll have better than 20/200 vision someday. We know that God made Calvin just as He wanted, and we know Calvin's vision is in His hands.

Please pray for Calvin as he goes in next week on Thursday.

You can see the spot that makes the lens ineffective in this picture. It looks like a white dot in the left red eye.

Going Swimming!

Calvin has been going to the pool the last few days, and he LOVES it! He stands in the water on the step so that the water is up to his chest. He smiles while stomping his foot against the step. Then, he kicks his feet as we pull him horizontally through the water!

Calvin's Rice Cereal

Calvin is already eating "solids!" I guess you technically call it that, but it is more like a really runny cream of wheat....more like liquid on a spoon. We started him on rice cereal on Monday, and he loves it! He eats about 50% of what we put in his mouth- the rest ends up on his bib via the corner of his mouth. When we put him in his high chair, he immediately starts banging on the tray with his hand. Then, he leans toward the spoon with his mouth open. We think it is pretty sweet.

The New Rocke Residence

We are now settled in Durham...well, sort of. It took us a few more days than we intended to get down here due to loan issues, but we are moved in, and we close on Friday! Yeah!

We like our place a lot. Within our first two hours of being at the house to move in, we met 3 of our neighbors. The neighborhood is going to be great for us...young families, playground, and an awesome pool (which Calvin loves!). We've gone on a lot of walks already, and yesterday Calvin and I roller-bladed with the baby jogger about 5 miles. There are sidewalks everywhere!

Here are a couple pictures of our new place....not finished yet. We'll hang pictures after the closing.