Monday, July 8, 2013

Puddle running

When it kept raining and raining a couple weeks ago, I eventually just went with it. If it was sprinkling, or even just raining small drops, we played outside. We just had to get out! There was a lot of standing water as a result, so we had some fun with it. This puddle provided us about 20 minutes of entertainment....would have been more if we hadn't felt so bad for Luke stuck in the stroller watching! I think he enjoyed the show, at least!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dan's photo shoot with Luke

Dan has turned into quite a photographer lately. He's taken these of Luke over the last few days. I think they really catch Luke's sweet personality. Luke extends his hands like this before he starts on the move with his gimpy scoot.

I love the wrinkled up nose that accompanies any excitement or smile!

The fact that Luke is hanging out in the wagon just melts my heart. Minutes before it was the scene of all the big kids playing at a cook-out on the fourth. As soon as he was able to get himself scooted over the action, the party moved on, but he just played by himself.

Friday, July 5, 2013


Calvin and Jack have been really into working out these days. They have been loving to talk to Dan about his F3 workouts for a while, but not until recently have they started participating. Calvin will demonstrate his favorite moves....burpees, bear crawl, mountain climbers, slide and glide, and bicycles. Calvin grabs wooden-train-whistles-weights and Jack grabs is wooden-train-track-weights, and they try to imitate Dan and I doing our workouts in the living room.

Calvin has been making up his new moves....I wish I could remember what he called this!

I caught this on the monitor of the guys doing a workout together in their room.

Dan loves to show off his push-ups and sit-ups with the guys. Here they are helping him by climbing on his back. 

Jack loved scaling this wall through a little bounce house obstacle course. 

And Luke is in this stage.....loves walking around as long as our quads can handle it!