Monday, April 29, 2013

Crayfish Rescue

We got a break in the rain this morning to go for a little bike ride. Along the way, we found a new friend (as cal decided to call him). A crayfish! He was far from the creek walking along the curb toward the street.

We put him in a little plastic bag and cal carried him on his bike back to the bridge over the creek.

Cal was fearless carrying the little pincher-guy all the way down to the creek and throwing him back in the water. Jack was not too interested in the crayfish itself, but he sure enjoyed the excitement surrounding his heroic rescue and the opportunity to walk closer to the creek than he's ever been allowed before!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Triple dinner date

Dan was away today, so the boys and I rode bikes to the park for a picnic dinner. Three sweet little messy faces! Thankful for a good day, and can't wait to see Dan in a couple hours!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hot Dog with Bread

We went to a Durham Bulls baseball game last night. Before going, I told the boys they were going to get to have a hot dog for dinner. Calvin asked if he could order his own hot dog. I said yes, but then asked what he'd say: "May I have a hot dog with bread on it?" What am I doing to these boys by not having buns with our burgers and dogs at home?

They LOVED the game! Wool E. Bull was the highlight for Jack. Before we left the ball park, he came over to this statue and gave him a kiss on the mouth. Then, he woke up talking about him this morning. Wool E. Bull does not know how lucky he is to have Jack's affection!

During this same breakfast conversation yesterday, Jack asked if we could go owling. I am not sure if that is an actual term, but it is from the book Owl Moon, which the guys love. Calvin's response, for those who've read the book was "You have to go owling when it is dark, Jack. And you have to be quiet and make your heat."

Their little conversations are so innocent and precious these least when they are not arguing or whining.

For some reason this was really amusing to me to see on our camera during nap time the other day. Jack calls these "unocklers," and I would have loved to know what was going through his little mind...

And then there's this guy......

Friday, April 19, 2013

Picnic in the Garage

Dan was out of town with a couple fellowship interviews this week. In anticipation, Ace offered to come help me, and boy am I thankful! While here, we've tried to get to Duke Gardens while all the azaleas and tulips are in bloom, to no avail.

Plan A- we planned to meet Dan Thursday night after picking up Cook Out for a picnic in the Gardens. Long story, but we couldn't get out of the garage because Jack's speech teacher's car broke down.  The tow truck made the change of plans worth it for the boys!

Plan B- tonight we tried again, got Cook Out, and then it started thunder storming.

Plan C- picnic in the garage while watching the thunderstorm.

Jack did not like the thunder, though he seems happy about it here. He's been clapping his hands over his ears for any loud noise lately.

Calvin has Luke laughing when he was imitating the thunder. Love to hear hardy laughter from the guys! 

We'll try Plan D one last time tomorrow morning....hopefully it will work out. 

We've had other adventures that have already worked out. The fountain, the neighborhood park, and playing on the driveway never fail to deliver =)!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Calvin's Number

As many know, my blood pressure goes us with the addition of "stuff" in our house. Actually, just stuff that have not plotted a place for and decided a need for myself. Man, that sounds as bad as it probably is!

So, Nana's Easter gift box made me anxious! But it has been such a blessing! Calvin especially has really loved his stuffed bunny Cotton! And Calvin and I loved playing Go Fish yesterday outside while Jack and Luke slept! Thank you Nana!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Luke scooting and some other feats

Luke started scooting (like Calvin used to, little goober) a couple days ago.

I guess these days are coming to a close! Now, how do I protect Luke's little knees when we are outside this summer....maybe he'll walk soon?

We recently retired Calvin's first wall of art.....a friend named it his "Callery." Not sure if I can handle the cheese enough to adopt that name!  "Retired" means I get to throw away most of the paper after it's been recorded as a picture....terrible that I enjoy this?

Jack just started hitting the ball (as opposed to the tee) this morning. Good job, Buddy!

And Luke finally joined Calvin and Jack in riding into the garage this morning! He fussed until I picked him up and put him in Dan's lap. He doesn't want to miss anything now!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Farm days

NC State has an event called Farm Days each spring. They display lots of farm animals...including baby chicks and rabbits, and let the kids pet and hold lots of them! Plus, tractors to climb on and ice cream. What more could we want?

They boys loved it yesterday, though they could not quite understand why they needed to stand in line for 20 minutes to sit on a tractor....I guess once you have played freely on heavy construction machinery it doesn't quite make sense.

That said, they did great with the crowds and lines. I was proud of all of all 3!

I think it helped that we went with my friend Ginger and her kids.   Calvin liked climbing on the tractor wheels with Makayla (7) and Declan (5).  I think their influence helped a lot with helping Calvin and Jack be patient.  

We were all flithy after the dust, chick-holding, etc. Could not wait to give Jack a bath....

Luke enjoyed the ice cream and the ride in the carrier! Sweet buddy!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Biking again!

Before having Luke, I lamented not being able to go on bike rides with an infant. I'll gladly make that sacrifice any day, but it is nice to have the option of a bike ride again! In the last 10 months, Calvin has transitioned to a "pedal bike" (and apparently leggings), Jack has learned how to ride the balance bike, and Luke has grown enough to ride on my bike! We are off again....around the block, anyway. Jack needs to get a bit more predictable before we can go much farther, but it is a great start!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Speeding Ticket and Air Pianos

I was scheduled for jury duty today, but I was not thankful! Not really sure how that was going to happen with the guys. I guess God agreed.

Then on the way home from a meeting this morning, I was speeding and got a ticket. The officer said I should go to the court date instead of pay it because they are pretty good in Orange County about just forgiving people. I just cried. Really?  Now I have to figure a way to go to court again. But glad we might not need to pay it.

It is crazy how quickly my mind jumps to why me? these days. I know that this is all ordained by God, who loves me and is doing the best thing. Even when it is all my fault, I just want a pass. It is hard to trust that what God views as good is not going to feel easy.

There are plenty of things that are just making me smile, though:

Calvin has been adding accessories to his "buddies" even. This morning Calvin wore Luke's leggings to our Bible study. He insisted, and they actually did fit his little toothpick legs. =)

We've had a sweet time hanging out with friends recently. We went to the museum with Ashely (and Ava, Brodie, and Ella).

And spent Saturday morning with Jenny and Lina Mae. It has been a joy to watch Calvin and Jack interact with other kids this week!

And Luke has been getting stronger. We met with a physical therapist last week, and he gave us some exercises to do to strengthen his core....I love seeing him standing by himself now! 


And Dan had a lot of time home this weekend, even though he was on call. The boys just love being with him. He has such a creative way of playing with them. Here they are playing piano together after lunch.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Copy cat Luke

Luke has been copying our waving for a while now, but he just started this. Pretty sweet...except it makes me want to just kiss him and I end up getting a wet kiss!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jack trying out a new run

Jack tested out the 2 arm run the other day....kind of sad to see the hard-swinging left arm go! He has apparently detected that people usually use 2 arms. I think this is why he was running like this, anyway...

On a completely different note...
I've been looking ahead to April on my calendar with a bit of dread. Regular work stuff combined with Dan's interviews means that I'll be on my own more than normal. I need an extra amount of patience and compassion when the days string together. I believe that God will provide. For some reason, I hesitate to let my rest be found there instead of on Dan's next time home with the boys.  Lord, please forgive me for doubting that you are completely sufficient to provide all I need.  Thank you for giving me two beautiful sunny days to be outside with the boys....which makes everything better.  

Yesterday we were outside all morning and afternoon.
This was before I sat on the table to help Luke and broke it...

These are brakes according to Jack. Love his little mind!