Thursday, October 31, 2013

I can't hardly stand it!

All three boys love this song from Cal's Awana CD.  There is always singing from Cal and Jack, and recently Luke has started laughing and waving his arms when it comes on. =)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin patch and Pumpkin Penis

We went to Hill Ridge Farms last Friday while my sister Kim (and Addie and Teddy) were with us. We loved it, though I might not call it a "pumpkin patch." More of a huge fall festival…. lots of fun for the kids. I don't think the kids mind that the pumpkins scattered on a vine less field had stickers on them indicating they were imported from western North Carolina =).

Here Calvin and Addie are posing with Calvin's good buddy Emma and Peyton on the hayride.

Addie and Calvin loved the corn crib. Jack decided not to go in, and Luke just kind of sat there.

Luke and Teddy are pretty sweet together!

Jack had some history to live up to with his courageous pumpkin carving last year. He jumped right in again. Calvin said right off the bat that he was going to let Jack do his seed-removing, but he bucked up and did it on his own. =)

I wouldn't say he enjoyed that part, though!

This part he loved! "Markering," as jack calls it, all over his own little anatomically correct pumpkin.  "Mommy, see that little circle right there? That's his penis."