Friday, August 27, 2010


Calvin has been saying "Uh-Oh!" a lot lately. This is by far my favorite time so far, though:

Calvin has been serious about mowing the lawn this week. After watching him make the circuit up our driveway, down the grassy hill to our neighbor's walkway, down their driveway, and across the sideway to our driveway at least 15 times, Calvin stopped behind this green power box.
I saw his little toe-head bounce up and down as he walked behind the box towards me while his lawn mower stayed on the sidewalk. All the while, Cal was whining....a familiar soundtrack these last few days.

Then Cal stopped whining and walking and said, "Uh-Oh!" and stooped down. Standing back up, he said, "MA!" Insensitive as I am, I said, "It's okay, Buddy. Come here."

Calvin, moving very slowly, proceeded to follow directions and come toward me. When he emerged from behind the power box, I saw the reason for the "Uh-Oh!" The poor guy stood showing his green diaper and sweet white legs to the world with his shorts around his ankles. He did not think it was nearly as funny as I did.....until it happened the second time and he started laughing with me.

Guess I need to buy some shorts that actually fit now that he's outgrown the old batch.

It's no wonder he's outgrowing clothes considering this behavior:

Calvin ate the other half this apple for snack today. This stem is all that remained when he finished, and I had to fish even that out of his mouth!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Coach Gould,

We are looking to lock Calvin into a baseball scholarship to help pay for college. He is already being scouted by Durham Preschool Academy and the Carolina Toddler Institute. Calvin has expressed to us (we have not influenced him in any way!) that he would love to pitch for you at Taylor.
Please consider our son:

Calvin Joseph Rocke
Age: 20 months
Weight: 23 lbs.
Height: 2"6'
Bench: two big board books

Calvin's left-handed fastball clocks in at 5 mph and his control is pinpoint.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Guy Stuff

Life has changed significantly for us over the last month as we are welcoming and getting to know Jack. He has a sweet little personality already. Here's what he's been up to.

Just when I think Jack's days are becoming predictable, he has a night where he's up for three hours in a row or a day where he seems to spit up everything he eats. But in general, he spends a lot of time asleep (on his back). I love watching on his tummy, though!

Jack and I have taken a few naps together. I love that sweet time with him!

Tracking and Focusing:
Jack has started to make eye contact with us! Somehow I feel like it is easier to show him how much I love him when I can look into his deep blue eyes!

Jack is also tracking slow-moving objects with his eyes now. This always makes me smile since I never got to see this from Cal at an early age! While looking at his mobile, Jack starts pumping his legs and panting from excitement. So easily entertained...for now!
Yes, I know it is not intentional at this age, but I can pretend!

Big Guy Stuff

I cannot stop calling Calvin "baby" even though he is undeniably a toddler (20 months). I also find myself calling him "big guy" more and more. He is physically growing up, but his personality certainly is maturing as well. Here is some of Cal's latest "big guy" stuff.

Baw! (Translation- "Ball!")
We hear this word 50 times a day. He says it when looking through books (I'm convinced he's flipping through the pages looking for balls), seeing spherical lawn ornaments, and of course seeing actual balls. I do not know why balls are so attractive....they don't make music, talk, or light up, but they are consistently Calvin's toy of choice. He likes to shoot baskets with them (how did he learn this?), throw them, catch them, kick them, hit them with bats and clubs, and most of all, carry them around.
And, it doesn't really matter if it is actually a ball or not. A balled-up sock, for example, is close enough to play with!

Bathroom Reading
Calvin has taken to reading "in the bathroom." Since I have been unable to lift Calvin for the last month, I've been changing his diaper on the floor. He has started grabbing a book and reading while I get to work. One of his favorites is "My Big Truck Book." Though it is way to big to be holding and reading while on the ground, he seems to make it work.

Longer Books
Calvin's favorite book lately is about a tadpole named Alphonse. At the mention of his name, Calvin starts smiling, laughing, and looking for this book. This is the first long book Calvin has ever wanted to sit through. There are quite a few words on each page, and he sits and listens while looking around at all the pictures. I know he most likely does not understand the plot, so I'd love to know what about the book makes him so excited.

Here Dan is reading "Alphonse" with Cal. Right before the picture was taken, Calvin had his right arm around Dan's neck. Pretty sweet.

Playing Outside
Last summer I saw our neighbors sitting out in their driveway while their toddler stayed in the yard and played. I didn't think Calvin would be so independent already. This month, Calvin has been playing with his buckets, shovels, frisbees, lawnmower, and balls out in the driveway a couple times a day while I sit (instead of chase!). He occasionally tests the boundaries by inching closer and closer to the street, just waiting for me to respond. Then he smiles and comes back to play. This week, we had some fun with water since it was so hot.

These are Calvin's dancing fingers. We have a CD player in the garage that Calvin always wants to listen to while we are outside. The neighbors must love it =).

Building Towers
We clean up Legos at least 5 times a day. Calvin has been building towers by himself, and I keep thinking he can't be old enough for this! The Lego container reassures me that yes, in fact, the appropriate age is 1 1/2 to 5 years. This little man finds himself on the top of many towers these days!

Calvin has taken to his little brother Jack, and he often wants to give him kisses and take care of him. He seems to think it is his responsibility to keep an eye on him while he is sleeping. Calvin goes over to Jack's "crib" downstairs and yells in his ear "Dah" which I think is "Jack." Needless to say, Jack often wakes up, so most of his naps are upstairs these days. When Jack is crying, Calvin always tells me about it by making a mocking cry and pointing to Jack. If Jack is upstairs, Calvin climbs the stairs to go get him.

Part of growing into a two year old is whining and least that is what I am assuming from Calvin's behavior. When we ask Cal to do something that he doesn't want to do, he has started emphatically shaking his head "no" or whimpering as if the idea alone is offensive. Here is the face/posture we get when we ask him to come when he doesn't want to. The stairs have become a common battle ground lately. Little goober.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Sweet Boys

This last week and a half has been a bit of a whirlwind, but it has been awesome. Jack us such a sweet little boy, and I love him so much already! After watching Calvin as a big brother and seeing how grown-up he seems to be all of the sudden, I love him even more, too! Dan and me have been so blessed to get to be the parents of these sweet boys!

These are the first moments of Jack being at home last weekend. Calvin took a couple of days to warm up to Jack and me. He would not look at either of us for the first few days after Jack's birth. Little by little, Calvin has started to show love of his own towards Jack. He runs to Jack's crib when he hears him crying, and he kissed him over and over throughout the day now.

Jack is already showing his sweet personality. He is very easy-going and cuddly. He waits patiently to be fed after waking up and loves curling up on our chests to take a nap.
Jack is very alert while awake. His little deep blue eyes dart around, and he even reaches for objects a little bit. Though his eyes are only open for a total of maybe 2 hours a day, it is a treat to watch!
I am so thankful that Jack is sleeping well so far. Calvin always fought sleep, so I was not prepared for how much nighttime sleep this little guy would let me get!

Catch with Daddy

It has been so sweet to watch Dan connect and relate to Dan. This game of catch is a new favorite activity for Dan and Cal. They lay down in our entryway and throw a ball up towards the ceiling. Calvin carries a ball over to the rug, lays down, and starts throwing it up. When Dan is home, he beckons Dan to join him....usually with a "da!" and a finger point towards the rug.
Sometimes Calvin lays face-up on Dan's chest to play this game. Though he has a difficult time catching the ball, he has a pretty good throwing motion.

Periodically while playing this game Calvin will get up and walk away. Seconds later he scampers back to the rug with a different type of ball in his hands. Some of the favorites are this blue rubber ball, a football, and whiffle ball. The football makes me nervous because of its weight, but Dan has been successful and saving Calvin's nose thus far.