Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5 people, a little house, and a rain storm

We are not sure where Cal gets his canadian accent, but he has been asking to go "aut-side" incessantly these last few weeks. I'm pretty sure that after the fun we had this morning with my sister Kim and niece Addie, Calvin will be asking to play inside a little more often.

Addie and Cal played Peek-a-boo on his bunk bed. I don't think Cal was having much fun here!

We read some silly Sondra Boynton books.

And "horsed" around. (I know that is really bad!)
I'm not sure if Jack was happier with all the one-on-one attention or the prospect of pulling Addie's hair here.
On this rainy day at 2:30 after a wild morning, we all kind of feel like this right now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cal's Bedtime Prayer

This was Cal's prayer on Thursday night before bed:

Dan: Dear Jesus
Cal: Dee JeeJee

Dan: Thank you
Cal: Ta Chi

Dan: For
Cal: Five, Six

That is where we lost it.

And I couldn't resist showing you this picture of Jack!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How was your day?

When Dan comes home from work, he gives me and the boys kisses before asking, "So, what did you guys do today?" I usually wish I had a grandiose answer about saving the world or at least cleaning the whole house. Instead, my answer goes something like this:

This morning we went to Farm Days at NC State with Ginger and her kids. Calvin LOVED the baby horse and tractors. There were tons of school kids there on field trips, so instead of getting in the longer lines to sit in the real tractors, I sat him in a Gator and told him it was a tractor. He was happy and we didn't have to wait long. Count it. Poor Jack was such a trooper hanging out on my back the whole time while missing his nap.

During nap time, I made dinner, folded laundry, and read a little bit. Calvin actually fell asleep, but Jack woke up a little early. We played a little on the blanket alone while Cal slept! I think his two top front teeth popped through last night!

He was sitting up playing all by himself! I even was able to walk away for 5 minutes or so without him falling over! He's definitely gotten better at catching himself.

And he was talking so much...though it is more of a series of grunts and hums than babble. I wish you could have heard him!

After Calvin woke up, we played outside. Calvin played with his lawnmower. He took it down to Rebecca's house and walked up her driveway and onto her porch like he owned the place. He waited at her door until she came out to see him. Rebecca kicked a ball with Cal while we talked in the driveway. Jack kept trying to eat the grass. He is so good at moving himself off the blanket now that it is hard to keep him on the blanket!

After Jack went to bed tonight, Calvin and I just sat and read books on the couch. He wanted to read, "Small Pig" three times in a row! He loved the line, "He sat down, and sank down into good, soft, mud," when I paused to leave out a word, he'd fill in the blank! It was pretty sweet having him on my lap just hanging out like that.

How was your day, Dan?

He does have some pretty grandiose stuff to say, but I think Dan wishes his answer went something a little more like this:

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Sweet Morning

This morning was really sweet. With "Thunder Road" on repeat in the CD player, I sang along badly and loudly while folding diapers. Cal hijacked the laundry basket and played with his clock the whole time.

Meanwhile, Jack slept so sweetly upstairs. He's been sleeping on his tummy for about a week now.
He's not always thrilled about it since he can't roll back over at will. Especially when his legs get tangled in the rails like this. I love looking at his relaxed little body like this, though.

I'm not so sure that the events of this morning were abnormal, I just had more fun with it. Dan and I talked last night about why I feel so tired at the end of a day. I'm not belittling my job...there IS a lot I do, but the way I feel seems disproportional.

Here is what I came up with: I think way too much during the day. Even when I've made a decision, before acting upon it I think around and through it many more times. I think my mind is exhausted because of this habit.

Dan suggested I just simply write down what I am going to do and when before bed each night so I don't feel like I'm holding it together in my mind. Seems so simple, but it has helped me already today.