Saturday, June 30, 2012


I don't know what is going on at out house lately. Usually we are relatively healthy, but over the last month we (and our guests) have had everything possible. Today Kim has some stomach/nausea thing and Dan has a fever.

Here was my view during dinnertime this evening... 104° outside and Dan sitting out in it, hoodie up, and still chilled.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Cousin Addie

Calvin has been in heaven these last couple days with his cousin Addie in town. This is the first time Cal and Addie have played "with" each other, and it has been pretty amusing to watch. There is a constant fort somewhere in the living room, and last night Dan asked Cal what the fort's name was. Cal said, "Head Fort." To which Addie chimed in, "No, it is a headquarters!" Needless to say, Calvin is learning a lot from his 6-year-old cousin!

Maybe Calvin's favorite part so far has been playing school! Of course, Addie is the teacher, and Calvin LOVES it! He keeps asking Addie to do more spelling and reading. Spelling consists of the two of them scribbling circles on paper (thoughtful Addie explained that she chose to do that instead of actual letters because 3 year olds would not have fun trying to write real letters).

 Reading time is spent by Addie reading her books to Calvin. So sweet!

Kim took Addie and Calvin blueberry picking yesterday morning. They had a blast!

Jack just enjoyed eating their plunder!

Addie has also been really sweet with her youngest cousin Luke. 

Kim and Addie went to Kroger and Aldi for me during naptime and brought back frozen strawberry lemonade for Addie and I to share together. Yum. We were both complaining of being cold in our 75 degree house on a 100 degree day, shivering with goosebumps together. Sweet Bonding!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How we roll!

Just finished our first walk to the fountain pushing/carrying Cal, Jack, and Luke all by myself. I am so thankful to feel strong enough to try it and be without pain now that we are home!

Thank you Lori for the walk and the picture! Today was a big victory that I'm glad to get to remember!

It's a small world after all

The world has gotten much smaller for me and the boys over the last month. Most of our time is spent within the bounds of our tenth of an acre yard. Today we were entertained by this little tree frog for a good while.

We then had snack and read library books on the bench outside. This is about the only way to hold Jack's attention for more than 3 pages!

This afternoon Jack spiked a 103° fever, and our neighbor came to the rescue with some thankful to not have to pack the boys into the car or wait for Dan to bring some home!

When we are adventurous we head a half mile away to the neighborhood park or pool.  Unless Dan is home and we trek a whole three miles to go blueberry picking our something.

This little man has made our world really small and really sweet!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A shameless plug for Aldi

Got this sprinkler for $8.99! The boys are loving it, and maybe our grass will survive this summer...except for the patch at the bottom of pour new "water slide!"

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's 8am...

And what a morning it has been!
While nursing Luke at 6, Cal came out of his room, where he had already woken up Jack, to poop in the potty. I could not wait to tell Dan that Cal was doing this of his own volition when I saw a huge bug crawling across Luke's floor. Thankfully, Luke was done eating just in time before the bug reached safety under the crib. I heroically squished the bug and peeked in on Cal who announced he pooped.

Unfortunately, he then used the whole roll of toilet paper to wipe. I'll spare you the details, but in the end I had once again saved the day by fishing excess paper put of the toilet before Cal clogged the toilet with his prize.

I went to get dressed before getting the boys up, and by the time I went back, Cal had peed in his bed...of course on the sheets and comforter, so we took care of ask that.

At this point I noticed some spots on Jack's sheets. Then I looked down at Dan who was about to unzip Jack's fleece jammies...there was poop all over! So, Jack showered with Daddy,I started a couple of nasty loads of laundry, and now here we are having breakfast and napping (Luke anyway) at 8:00.

Man, I am glad Dan is home this week!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Rocke Boys

We have been so blessed with people sharing meals with us since Luke was born. On Sunday some friends had us over for some steak....yeah, awesome! While we were there, Jen took out her sweet camera and starting taking pictures of all three boys. She caught their personalities in this first picture!  I asked the boys to come give Luke a kiss, and all three boys were within the same frame for all of 1 second, and Jen caught it! Thanks, Jen!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daddy's driveway art

Dan is home on vacation this week, so he has had time to explore his inner toddler...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The fountis

This fountain is nestled in the middle of an office park within walking distance from our house.  We have loved going there since before Calvin could properly pronounce the word, it is affectionately been known as "the fountis" ever since. We walk there and ride our bikes to get there, but most recently the boys have started throwing acorns and sticks in the water. 

What I love about the fountain is the beautiful scenery. This sidewalk is where we unstrap the boys from the stroller and they begin screaming, running, and throwing stuff into the water.
Calvin was so proud of finding this "fish" in the water recently...
I am pretty sure that his efforts to reach down deep enough into the water to retrieve this nasty, leafy "fish" is what ended him in his undies on the ride home. Since this day, we've been taking off shirts before play begins.

Jack loves stepping up and down on this concrete box.....of course there are easy-for-tripping concrete holes all over the ground around it. So far, he has come out unscathed!

The walk around the fountain has taken on new significance for me since I have been recovering from Luke's c-section. I have tried a couple times to complete the usual loop, but I have had to turn back when the pain started. Yesterday Dan and I took all three boys all the way around and I felt great! I am so glad to be able to enjoy the fountain again!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That is grandma mowing the grass...

...I heard myself tell Jack and Cal on our walk around the neighborhood this afternoon...
It sounded ridiculous that someone we call "Grandma" would be mowing our yard.  But it was true...and her idea. Ace has helped me more than I can say with this recovery and transition to caring for three boys.

I hope I am able to mow the yard and push this limo (we are estimating at least 70 lbs) like she has been doing for the past three weeks when Cal, Jack, and Luke start having kids someday!

Friday, June 1, 2012


This last week since Luke and I have been back at home has been wonderful! I am amazed at the love from family and friends who have made it possible for me to recover and enjoy getting acquainted with being a mom to three boys.

I had envisioned this time consisting of me peacefully sitting next to Calvin and Jack while playing trains and puzzles with Luke asleep on my lap....all the while, having my body healed and ready for a long walk within a week. Do I know my boys? Shouldn't I have remembered what it was like to recover from the last c-sections? Needless to say, I was wrong. That is not the definition of rest that God has given me for this time. Instead it is better...

Luke fills my heart with joy every time I look at him, feed him, and change his tiny little diaper.  I just can't get enough of this little man! God has freed me from so much anxiety that I felt in "getting it right" with Calvin and Jack, and I can sense just love coming through. I am so thankful for this ability to love him in this way.

Calvin and Jack have been pretty fussy... there are so many reasons to choose from.....less attention from me, feeling under the weather, being at home more than name it! So, we have not been peacefully sitting at home together reading books and coloring.

While I have not had that kind of rest, it has been fun to play with Calvin and Jack without worrying about what to cook for dinner or how I need to prepare for tutoring. I am fully present with them while we are together.  Ace and I took them to the pool a couple days ago, and I loved just watching them have so much fun!

I know that God is teaching me to find my ultimate rest in trusting Him with each of the boys through this transition. I can sense him steering me there, and I am so thankful that He has allowed me to enjoy my boys during this time that could easily be very stressful.