Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breakfast Centerpiece

I wonder if Jack is amused as me to see the scene at breakfast these days. Perched on the table bobbling his little head, he studies his big brother. I don't think the gnawing on his blanket, fingers, or toy distracts him too much.

He sees Calvin in his highchair (ha-chi) with apple butter all over his face methodically eating toast. Each piece has had the center eaten out before being placed exactly where it started, but facedown. From high up on the table, this is his vantage point.
Then, there is the hair. Though I'd like to say this is only bed-head, it is not. We were at a party the other night, and someone meeting Cal for the first time tenderly said, "Aww, he just woke up!" Hmm... It's not usually quite this bad, though.
This is my favorite view! Two sweet boys with me. This morning the boys were particularly amused with their new toys from Uncle Sam and Aunt Abbey. Calvin's Choo-Choo delayed his eating quite a bit, and Jack's firefly provided many gnawing surfaces!

I like seeing Calvin peer back through the chair slats. I usually only see one eye since the other is usually covered by his milk cup like it is here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ma-Chi-Chi

Given it's display of balls, "gucks" (trucks), and choo choo's (trains), I should have known that the Christmas tree (ma-chi-chi) would become Cal's new motivation to hurry downstairs each morning. He points out ma-chi-chi's everywhere...garland around poles, pine trees, random deciduous trees, and actual Christmas trees all qualify.

Calvin often asks me to let Jack "wash" (watch) the Christmas tree. Meaning he wants Jack to sit up facing the Christmas tree (with toys on the tray). So funny!

These ma-chi-chi's in our backyard looked so pretty on Saturday after an unexpected snow!
I'm glad that Calvin likes hats, but the gloves he refuses to wear might have made this experience a bit more enjoyable!h," but he was uninterested in touching, walking, or playing in the snow. Little Scrooge!

After watching Dan change clothes last week, Calvin asks to take off his shirt whenever Dan is home. Of course, his Daddy obliges. Dan might sarcastically try to attribute this to the temperature at which I keep the house, but from the strut it inspires, I think it's more likely that Calvin just likes to show off his sweet tummy!

While Jack is hardly amused by his time in front of the Christmas tree, he has been amused by anything he can chew on....thankfully he's starting to find his own fingers. I hope these teeth come in sooner than later!

And anyone giving him face to face attention. These giggles are pretty hard to resist!