Monday, November 29, 2010

Coming Down

Today we are in a bit of a funk. Calvin is doing all the things he knows he's not supposed to, Jack is screaming instead of sleeping, and it is taking me three times as long as usual to accomplish normal tasks.

I think we're all just coming down from a great week with Grandma, Boppa, Aunt Abbey, Uncle Sam, and (weekend with) Daddy.

Calvin got to play ball and wrestle with his Uncle Sam and Daddy. He was in heaven when Sam and Dan were playing football on our walk the other day. I think he said "foo baw" about 50 times while watching and participating in the fun. Between each throw, Calvin did a little dance....something like a shuffle backwards with is arms stretched down then up together. All the while, saying something unintelligible.

He read his truck and bus books whenever he pleased.

And was carried around more than he used his own two feet.

In short, Calvin's been well-loved, and he's enjoyed every minute of it!

While awake, Jack enjoyed smiling at and talking to people who love him.

He also seemed to enjoy being held all the time. I'm noticing how much this attention helped him deal with teething now that I need him to be more independent today.

I'm so thankful that God has surrounded the boys, Dan, and me with people who love us so openly. Even if it means a couple rough days while we adjust back to life as usual.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Undivided Attention

Jack has received a good amount of attention over these first four months of his life, what with him being so darn sweet and all. However, a good majority of the time, he's sharing the limelight with his brother. Thus, he is still well-acquainted with his stroller.

However, this week we've gotten to hang out quite a bit, just the two of us, during Cal's nap time. Though I initially lamented the fact that they boys are on opposite nap schedules, it has been a blessing to have this precious time together.

I've enjoyed trying to elicit his toothless smiles...he gives them pretty liberally, and I love getting to drink them in when it is just us.
If Jack's recent bout of night waking, finger sucking and hand chewing are any indication, I think we'll see some chompers in that smile soon, though!

During these hours, I've definitely been more intentional about tummy time, picture taking, seeing if he'll roll over, and putting toys in his hands, too. But my favorite part of our time together is just getting to quietly appreciate how beautiful and sweet Jack is without interruptions, as much as I love the source of those interruptions.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cookie Monster

Dan and I didn't know what we were getting into when he put this sweatshirt over Calvin's PJ's on Saturday night. With the hood up the whole time, Cal sported Cookie Monster for the next 37 hours....through 2 nights of sleep, church, meals, and play. In the name of cleanliness, I tried to take it off once, but I quickly decided it was not worth the battle when he insisted "off!" which really meant "on!" and then held his breath.

This giant excavator doesn't know how lucky he is to be chosen over Cookie! When I pulled out this shirt this morning, Cal said "off!" to Cookie and actually meant it. Now to the washing machine!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hats and Trucks and Smiles

I have no idea what Calvin will choose for a career, but I'm pretty sure it will include attention to detail, strong opinions, and hard work. He certainly knows what he wants, is adamant about telling you about it, and does not cut corners when working on his "projects" like building towers, cleaning up legos, and stacking...well, anything.

If the last week is any indication, I also have a feeling it might involve trucks and hats. Calvin has been wanting to wear a hat all the time. He enjoys his own (too small) hats until he sees one of Dan's.
This has been the scene the last few nights when Dan comes home. Dan puts on a hat, Cal takes it for himself, and I watch while Dan and Cal kick a ball back and forth. Calvin often says "oh!" after kicking, which is what he's doing here.
I'm thinking this career might just be in agriculutre. He sure loves this new "Jin Din" shirt and he's all set to be outside with his sunglasses (which he also wears all the time now).
Or maybe he'll be a baseball player who eats hotdogs at the ball park and drives a souped-up truck? This hotdog, by the way, says "wooof!"
Though all trucks have been exciting lately, dump trucks, fire trucks, and garbage trucks are definite favorites!

He's totally hamming it up for the camera here! A fire truck is a "ree" and it says.....

I think Jack will choose a career that involves people. He's a charmer for sure! Even when he's been crying, he smiles when we come get him. What a precious boy!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Examples

As the big brother, Calvin loves it when Jack watches him. If I'm holding Jack with his back to his brother, Calvin will ask "waah?" meaning that he wants Jack to watch him. Upon turning Jack around, Cal says "yeah!, yeah!, giggles, and smiles. I'm pretty sure Jack seems to enjoy seeing Cal, too.
Calvin is really good with Jack. He hugs him, kisses him, holds him, tries to pick him up, and tries to undress him, wash him, and redress him at bath time. Calvin is sweet to him. I'm glad that he's such a good example since I'm sure Jack will try to imitate many of Cal's footsteps.
Jack took a big step toward becoming a big guy like his brother tonight by sleeping in Calvin's old crib. As long as he's swaddled up with a paci, he's pretty happy, so he didn't think this new territory is much of a big deal. If he were old enough to be anxious about this transition, I'd tell him that he is being a big guy like his brother. I'm sure that would make him happy!

It is a big deal for me to see Jack laying there, though. He is the sweetest thing I have ever seen in that crib...well, tied for the sweetest, but I don't like admitting what it means. Calvin seems so little for a bed, but it is time. He loved hearing that he gets to sleep in a big guy bed like Daddy. I'm glad that he has daddy's example to follow to help him through new scary things.

Calvin's other favorite "big guy" example is boppa (grandpa). Here he is playing with a replica mommy made of him one rainy day recently.