Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lots of Personality

I so often look at the boys and wonder if it could even be possible for other peoples kids to have more quirky personalities than mine. Of course I decide "no," but I'm sure all kids are like this. I just love it!

Here are a few videos from the last couple weeks…..such goobers!

Dan pretending to take the guys down a waterfall….

Dan plays the Luke-named "woah-woah" game. It is basically airplane on Dan's knees gone bad. The airplane breaks and the kid comes crashing headfirst into Daddy. All the guys love it, but Luke especially. He asks Dan for "woah-woah" all the time. The other day, they were playing it, and Luke stopped in the middle. He walked over to Jack's Ducky, and said, "A Ducky woah-woah?" Hilarious. What started out like this with just Ducky woah-woah escalated to Ducky, doggies, blankets, etc. woah-woah when Calvin and Jack got involved!

And the guys nearly had me and Ace and tears last weekend when they were singing along to some worship music. These guys really love it and seem to mean what they are singing. One of their favorites is  Chris Rice's "Whom Shall I Fear" that the boys call "Angel Armies." Even Luke will start saying "Angel Armies" in the car asking for it. Another favorite is Chris Rice and LaCrae's "Awake My Soul." But my far my favorite is listening to them sing, "Lord, I need you." I pray that that will always be my heart and theirs. 


And here a picture of the guys playing with their new friends Lucca (far left) and Julian (between Cal and Jack), and another little new friend Jack (in yellow). Seeing them interact and play like this is so sweet after not having it for a couple months!


  1. How wonderful for them to have found new friends to play with! What a blessing! I just love watching and hearing them sing--Jack really gets into it! What wonderful little boys they are.